Founded in 2003, OTS has succeeded in becoming a nationally recognized name in the identification and tracking solutions industry. Our software provides specialized integrated solutions for  many markets including Education, Corporate Business, Membership, Government and Healthcare.

In 2010, recognizing an opportunity to elevate an excellent product with improved customer service and support, David Higgins, III purchased OTS. With renewed and increased resources with which to back, support and grow OTS, Higgins  has brought new ideas, new energy and ambitious plans for growth that have resulted in additional opportunities for those interested in pursuing them.

OTS will continue to support and improve its software to aid in the identification and tracking of people in and out of buildings. Committed to providing unparalleled customer service and technical expertise in the identification marketplace, our team of seasoned professionals understand the diverse marketplace, and recognizes that our software solutions must enhance the workflow and business processes of our customers. It is with this knowledge that we have designed products that are easy to use, efficient and cost effective.

OTS’ commitment to our customers begins with the first conversation. A relationship is developed and an integrated solution is proposed based on each customers unique needs. Our commitment does not end there; our products and complete solutions are fully supported to ensure complete satisfaction. We invite you to experience the OTS way and are confident that we will meet and exceed your expectations.