CASE STUDY: New Frontier for People Track VM – Mac OS

Duxbury Public Schools running PeopleTrack VM on Mac OS.

Duxbury Public Schools running PeopleTrack VM on Mac OS.

Case Study Overview:

Client: Duxbury Public Schools, Duxbury, Massachusetts, serves a community of 15,000 people with two elementary, one middle and one high school facility.

Challenge: Apple Inc. has enjoyed only growing success selling into the education market. The company revealed last October that education sales topped $1 billion for the first time ever in the company’s third fiscal quarter of 2013.

Despite, Apple’s dominance in this market, education administrators have had very few software options compatible with Apple and its Macintosh Operating System, especially when it comes to safety and visitor management in particular.

Solution: After seeing a neighboring school district running their PeopleTrack VM (Visitor Management) system from OpenTech, Duxbury wanted to further the safety of their school by implementing a system of their own. Only issue is that Duxbury runs on Mac OS, a platform incompatible with OpenTech solutions.

Ever dedicated to customer service and providing for our schools, OpenTech put in extra hours to create a solution.

Results: On August 28th PeopleTrack VM software was implemented at Duxbury Public Schools on all Mac School System. Duxbury’s Visitor Management solution is now up and running. This system includes a SnapShell R2 License Scanner and a Dymo 450 Turbo Printer.

With Security being the number one concern of every school in the nation, tracking everyone on your premises is the best way to ensure the safety of your students and staff. Now OpenTech has the ability to run on Mac and secure every school no matter the operating systems.

Duxbury Public Schools running PeopleTrack VM on Mac OS.

With a student population of slightly more than 1,000, Duxbury Public Schools decided it was time to improve how they were tracking who was coming in and out of its four facilities. Be it visitors, vendors and, parents or guardians, the antiquated log book wasn’t working for Duxbury anymore. Especially when it was necessary to review past activities – flipping through pages of a worn log, trying to decipher the varied penmanship was a nightmare.

VM’s robust reporting capabilities provide administrators and users with immediate tracking data. The software based system has given the school the tools it needs to manage their visitors quickly and cost-effectively. Teachers and members of staff use a scanner to register themselves on site with their photo ID badges.

By making VM functional on Mac OS, OpenTech has helped Duxbury Public Schools further safeguard access to school buildings including hallways and classrooms.

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