CASE STUDY: People Track VM on call at New York Hospital

Case Study Overview:

Hospital Visitor Management

New York hospital enjoying the benefits of VM

Client: A large healthcare center with a Main Campus of more than one-million square feet, 431 Beds, 5,000 plus employees and more than a thousand visitors per day.

Challenge: The facility had no physical record of visitors, vendors or contractors. With no way of tracking these individuals the security threats were clear, further compounded by the center’s large campus.

Solution: The hospital decided to install a visitor point-of-access security system that could track visitors, contractors and vendors, and most importantly keep restricted individuals off campus. Working closely with OpenTech, a leader in the identification and tracking industry, the hospital installed PeopleTrack VM, which requires visitors to be scanned in at the front desk, capturing vital visitation details. Visitors are then issued visitor badge to be worn and visible at all times. If a guest has been restricted they are denied access to the hospital.

Results: The system has been highly instrumental in keeping track of visitors at all points of access including Front Desk, Security Base, ED Visitor, CPEP Visitor and Facilities. The solution has been well received by the administration, security and volunteers (heaviest volume of use) are extremely pleased with the results.

Visitor Management System Offers Security and Improves Safety at New York Hospital

With more than a thousand visitors daily, the healthcare facility was in need of a more efficient means of tracking the who, what, when, where and why of every visitor. With mission in hand the hospital turned to OpenTech’s PeopleTrack VM solution to further secure facility access points.

Utilizing advanced technologies, the PeopleTrack VM solution has been specifically developed to gather and maintain an in depth database of vital visitor tracking information. Technologies used include a government issued license scanner which gives the hospital the ability to verify a visitor’s identity. This allows comprehensive coverage and reporting of all the various time ranges people visit the hospital as well as ensuring patient and employee safety.

All visitors at the hospital are entered into a comprehensive database providing immediate access to critical information. Once a visitor is enrolled they are issued an adhesive badge that clearly states their classification, name, picture and issuing date. This facilitates security’s role in determining access authorization throughout the facility.

The hospital’s acute systems analyst identified customer service as the main reason for choosing OpenTech and PeopleTrack VM. “Customer service overshadowed everything else,” said the analyst. “John Warwick [OpenTech lead software developer and technical support] is always there to assist, great to work with, knowledgeable and personable.”

OpenTech prides itself on a solution that is easy to use and “the new application has been well received by the volunteers for sure,” added the contact.

Another benefit is a comprehensive reporting system that can be accessed by the administration. Administrators can pull reports, such as a list of vendors; status of visitors; and individuals who have come into the system on a particular day. The reports can also be customized to offer more detailed information, like whom the individual is there to see or why a visitor wasn’t admitted on campus.

After several years of using the PeopleTrack system, the contact recommends the solution to any hospital. He was particularly enthusiastic about the enhancements in the latest VM version. “It’s just so simple and streamlined,” said the contact “our check-in processes have been considerably improved.”

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