Dowling-Douglas Co. Success with School Track and People Track

We have had great success over the years with School Track and Visitor Management (People Track).  Nearly all of our installations include a multi-site license of the School Track software to help manage the issuance of tardies, track early dismissal and attendance to events from in-school testing to after-school detention.  The addition of a handheld device that interfaces with this application has proved to be a successful product offering.

Locations that utilize the mobile handheld device to issue tardy slips rely heavily on the School Track application to retrieve valuable report feedback. The reports enable the school to better administer progressive disciplinary action due for excessive tardy activity, late arrival, early dismissal, dress code and ID violations (among others).  The School Track software also has a feature to issue a personalized referral report that our customers have come to depend on.

There are many features within the software, but I never thought of how this application could touch a student’s life and their family until I heard a story from a parent at a recent product demonstration to a School Advisory Council meeting at Landmark Middle School in Jacksonville, FL.  The Landmark Middle School feeds the largest high school in Duval Co. (Sandalwood HS) which was the very first school in the district to implement School Track with the mobile handheld device.

There is a parent that has one student at the middle school and one that graduated from the high school the previous year.  About half way through my presentation, the parent felt compelled to share her story with the other parents, administrators from the school, and myself.  She told a story about a meeting she had at the high school with the Assistant Principal and her son.  At the time, her son was skipping school frequently and had excessive tardies to all of his classes and was in danger of flunking out of school.  She explained that the turning point for her son was that meeting and the affect that the School Track report had on her son.  She explained when he was confronted with the time, date, and frequency of each offence; it was a huge wake-up call.  The mother went on to add that she believes the School Track product was a major reason her son was able to get his high school diploma.

There are three products that all interface with each other to create a complete product offering for a school.  They include School Track, the handheld device, and Datacard ID Centre.  The School Track database is accessible from a server location at the school and the ID Centre connects to that same database via an ODBC connection.  Anytime a student ID card is created or demographic information is updated, it is instantly available in School Track and transfers over to the handheld device the next time it is docked.  The handheld device is an optional upgrade for the customer.

Visitor Management (People Track) is another great tool.  Elementary schools are especially interested in this product to add an extra layer of security.  The new background check feature is a must in today’s society.  We recently installed this application at the Duval Co. School Board in Jacksonville, FL.  In the near future the handheld device will also interface with this application and allow security personnel to perform visitor registration from any location on the property.

John Pecnik
Dowling-Douglas Co.


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