Get Synced; Is it time to update your version of Open Tech software?

Get the latest OT version Open Tech software have undergone numerous updating over the years. We’re proud to learn that many of our customers are so satisfied with their software that they never think to consider a newer version. We’re flattered, but we’re equally as proud of our updates – so please think about it, our developers are very talented, but sensitive.

To help give you an idea of some of the updates we’re talking about, the following is a historical log of the changes made to our most popular software package – School Track:

3.7. Changes (CURRENT VERSION)

  • Improved Event Assigning – New features allow the mass assigning of events, so that they can be assigned to all students, or per grade or class at once.
  • Improved Attendance Reports

3.6 Changes

  • New Handheld Device – Compatibility with MC55 Mobile Computer
  • New OS – Now compatible with windows 7, 32 & 64 bit
  • Multiple Tardy Policies – Each school within a district can now have its own rules for issuing tardies.

3.5 Changes

  • Class Enhancement – Allows there to be more than one section for a specific class.
  • New Time & attendance report
  • New Fields for mobile unit – Adds classification, misc, and emergency contact info to appear on mobile unit.
  • Expanded Detention Tracking – Allows multiple detentions to be setup.
  • Event Assigning – Allows students to be assigned events that only they can attend.
  • Event Reports – Added reports to accommodate new event features.
  • New OS – Now compatible with Windows Vista

3.4 Changes

  • Suspension programming- Program will automatically life the suspension of a student and change their status back to active when return date is reached.
  • Detention Tracking – Allows students to be checked into the detention they’ve been assigned.
  • Detention Reports – Reports to accommodate new detention tracking feature
  • Improved Violation reports

3.3 Changes

  • Auto-Check out – Added check out features to allow students to check out upon card swipe.
  • Alert Field – Added option to display misc field as an alert
  • Improved Early dismissal reports.
  • Delete Guardian – Added ability to delete a guardian from a students’ profile.

Below are the most current versions of Open Tech software offerings. If you’re using an older version, you may be ready for an update.

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