College Campuses

Simple verifiable method of electronically logging and tracking activity = improved security.

By their very nature, college campuses are open and accessible to all.  While this fosters a vibrant learning environment, it also poses unique security challenges.  Protecting colleges and universities is different than traditional businesses or residences. OpenTech is thoroughly aware and addresses these unique circumstances in its PeopleTrack SM (Student Management) system to track visitors, guests and students.

Although some of these concerns are immediately addressed with student identification, IDs provide little more than visual verification without readable tethering to a campus database of student profiles. PeopleTrack SM then provides a means for student activities to be tracked via IDs throughout campus. Whether in class, at the campus recreational center, student housing, library or checking out a piece of gym equipment, SM provides college and university administrators with an electronic record of activity.

PeopleTrack SM offers a one card program that includes the following benefits.

  • Improve safety and security
  • Save administrative time
  • Secure ID cards supported by photos, smart card technology, and biometrics
  • Track student usage of academic labs, recreational facilities, student learning resource centers, and campus events
  • Asset tracking
  • Cashless payment at cash registers, copiers, printers, and vending machines
  • Print and copy cost control

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