Enhance business and corporate security with a visitor, vendor, and employee tracking system.

If your company is constantly looking for better ways to track visitors and personnel or provide a cashless payment solution on your campus, then you have come to the right place. Open Tech Services offers solutions that will address your needs. No matter your industry, from Manufacturing to Finance or Warehousing to Energy, current security demands require business operators to keep closer tack of who’s in their facilities at all times.

Not only is the antiquated visitor log book a logistic nightmare, from illegible handwriting to failed logouts, but it also exposes your company’s confidential visitation information – who visited who, when and why. From a branding and image perspective, so important in today’s business environment, the manual log book also weakens the lobby’s first impression. Asking visiting contractors, partners, prospective employees, current and potential customers to scribble their name in a paper log and wear a handwritten sticker is not very impressive.

People Track™ can accomplish the following tasks

  • Easily and quickly capture visitor or vendor information.
  • Pre-approve and restrict vendor access.
  • Scan driver’s license for identification and data input.
  • Print photo ID badge with date and time stamp.
  • Run detailed visit history reports.
  • Connections to a sex offender registry.

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