Visitor & vendor tracking system and security system for hospitals, assisted living & rehabilitation centers.

Healthcare facilities face unique security challenges. Accurately identifying and caring for patients is challenge enough. Now consider securing patient, staff and asset access and privacy while also permitting a steady flow of hundreds of visitors and vendors in and out of your open building. People Tech provides the tools to efficiently and easily maintain both a public and private environment in your facility.

If your healthcare facility is constantly looking for better ways to track visitors and personnel or provide a cashless payment solution on your campus, then you have come to the right place. Open Tech Services offers solutions that will address your needs.

People Track™ can accomplish the following tasks

  • Easily and quickly capture visitor or vendor information.
  • Pre-approve and restrict vendor access.
  • Scan driver’s license for identification and data input.
  • Print photo ID badge with date and time stamp.
  • Run detailed visit history reports.
  • Connections to a sex offender registry.

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