Membership Management

Membership and Pass Management, Member Activity, Asset, Retail and Loyalty Tracking System

Organizations have found that issuing a prestigious and personalized plastic card is popular with their members. It is the “billboard in the billfold”, the constant daily reminder of your organization.  It is valued and kept in the wallet with the “good” cards. Some organizations believe it increased member renewal rates.

The membership card itself is only half the battle of course. Open Track™ Plus system provides an efficient member check-in process at the point of entry.  The system can quickly verify membership status and track the member’s specific category of activity, allowing for future marketing follow up. There are several ways to identify the member at check-in, including a photo ID membership card, bar coded key tag, or even biometric fingerprint.

Open Track™ Plus can track the sale of different pass types and membership options and includes the ability to create daily sales reports for the accounting office.

Examples of member organizations benefitting from a membership management system:

  • Health Clubs
  • Auto Clubs
  • Labor Unions
  • Professional Associations
  • Civic Associations
  • Zoos and Museums
  • Country Clubs & Swimming Pools

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