K-12 Schools

School, student, and visitor tracking system

Security and accountability are priorities for all schools today.  It is paramount to know who is in the building, where they are and where they are supposed to be.  Open Tech is concerned about the safety of all students and has created both student and visitor activity tracking solutions to address the associated key issues.

Open Tech is positioned to offer a complete solution that will track students and visitors in the school and on the school grounds.  Additionally, Open Tech solutions allow for student tracking at events held off of school grounds.  Easily integrated into the day to day business process of a school system, our products are compatible with other school management systems.

Track students quickly and easily

Students can be enrolled in a comprehensive database providing immediate access to critical information. Once a student is enrolled their activity history can be tracked. PeopleTrack SM (Student Management) is designed not only to track attendance and tardiness of students but also to track the student’s use of school facilities such as the cafeteria, library, weight room, or after school activities. SM is designed to work on a standalone PC in the main office or on multiple workstations or available mobile unit connected to a central database on the campus network. Our solution is flexible and will meet the demanding requirements for school administrators.

Here’s what SM user’s are discovering:

  • Mischief has been drastically reduced now that the students know we have a hall monitoring Mobile unit
  • Expelled or suspended students do not have access to the building adding comfort to parents, staff and students
  • Emergency logistics is greatly eased by the emergency contact/alerts tab
  • Tardy students get to class faster
  • Students are not going to multiple lunch waves anymore
  • There is now a simple, accurate process for rewarding students through points tracking
  • School dances are safer with the Mobile accountability solutions

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